Equine Iridology Course

Whether you simply want to be able to keep your horse healthy, and understand why he has any issues and what they are, or if you are looking for a rewarding career working with horses, or if you are already a therapist and want to have another ‘diagnostic’ tool, then Equine Iridology could be the answer, it will fit in with any other type of career as once qualified you can work to suit yourself.

However, it has come to my attention that my qualifications both to practice and to teach are being called into question in a certain quarter; not only questioned but also actually denied.

I have been studying, researching and practicing equine iridology and herbal medicines for over 20 years. My clients for both come from the leading players in all equine disciplines, including racing, dressage, eventing and show jumping as well as all round pleasure horse owners. They have stayed with me for years in some cases and the testimonials on this website bear witness to their satisfaction. I have also been consulted by veterinary surgeons on numerous occasions.

I have also taught iridology for 10 years; I was the first to do it in Europe and virtually all practicing iridologists are or were my pupils.

If any potential client or student is therefore doubtful about my credentials they should contact Elizabeth Houghton, H.Ir, MGNI, Dip.Ait, Dip.NNP, BANT Iridology, Personality Iridology, Sclerology, Nutritional Therapy, Food Intolerance Testing, Equine Iridology, at 17 Chapel Lane, Wicken, Cambridgeshire, CB7 5XZ Tel: 01353 723157 Email: ehh@houghtonhealth.co.uk Website: www.houghtonhealth.co.uk, who will be happy to endorse my qualifications and reputation.

I have in fact been invited on three separate occasions to address the International Symposium of the Guild of Naturopathic Iridologists in London, an invitation that is a great honor and is not issued lightly.

My course is a Diploma course, however I must state that contrary to certain claims I have read, there is no Governing or licensing body for Equine Iridology at this time.

The course is a 10 lesson course, and has a test paper for each lesson, the first lesson is an introduction to Iridology and where and how it began, the next lessons cover a different part of the iris, so that it is easier to learn and remember, and finally the last lesson covers herbs and various treatments recommended for the different problems that occur. At the end of the lessons there is a practical exam. You will be required to hand in 5 test cases with your own iridology photos, including brief examination of the horses. After successfully completing the test papers and test cases you will receive the Ellen Collinson Diploma of Equine Iridology. The course is now run by Joey Philips, who qualified with me in 2016.

As this is a diploma/practitioner’s course it is very intensive and it is vital that the knowledge is understood and if there are any queries or problems during the course you are welcome to contact Joey direct. It is also advisable during your learning period to ask horsey friends if they would mind you looking at their horses as you learn each new area, this will give you some practical experience and towards the end of the course you will be asked to do a few case histories.

I feel confident that this course will give you a concise and detailed knowledge of Equine Iridology, once qualified I am happy to give advice if needed, and you will be put on the register of Equine Iridologists.

The course is available online. For more info please go to equineiridologycourse.com