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Please note, all Customers/Clients

Dear Clients, it has been brought to my attention that some customers have said that the postal charges on the products are excessive, I apologise if this is so. The postal charges were introduced and the price set by a previous distributor and as I live in France, where the postal charges are very high, I was unaware of any problem, however Beverley Upton who has taken over my online shop and has her own web page for my products, is looking into the charges and we will address the problem as soon as possible. May I point out that the £5.50 on my web page is for multiple purchases, saving postage on several purchases. I would also ask all clients/customers if you have any queries, questions or complaints to give me the courtesy of emailing me direct, and not through a third party, I can not address problems if I am unaware they exist.

Beverley has an excellent web page www.solutionhorsemanship.co.uk or can be contacted by email at b_jupton@hotmail.co.uk

Please remember that I am always available to give advice or answer your questions about your horse/pony by email, at ellen_collinson@yahoo.com and normally hope to reply to all emails within 3 days.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your custom and support over the years and I am sorry for any inconvenience or confusion but hope you will continue to use my products. I in turn will continue as I always have, to try and improve my formulae so that you always receive the best products available and I am pleased to announce that I have completed trials on a new Respiratory formula that is in a tincture not powder, but works extremely well and is actually less expensive and will hopefully be available in a couple of weeks, also a new Sarcoid Tincture which has been extremely successful in trials will be available after the New Year

XX Welcome to my world of Equine Iridology and Herbal medicine, I hope you find the information about iridology interesting and if you would like to discuss any problems you have with your horses please feel free to contact me.

I have been studying, researching and practising equine iridology and herbal medicines for over 20 years.

My clients for both come from the leading players in all equine disciplines, including racing, dressage, eventing and show jumping as well as all round pleasure horse owners. They have stayed with me for years in some cases and the testimonials on this website bear witness to their satisfaction. I have also been consulted by veterinary surgeons on numerous occasions.

I have also taught iridology for 10 years; I was the first to do it in Europe and virtually all practising iridologists are or were my pupils.

If any potential client or student is therefore doubtful about my credentials they should contact Elizabeth Houghton, H.Ir, MGNI, Dip.Ait, Dip.NNP, BANT Iridology, Personality Iridology, Sclerology, Nutritional Therapy, Food Intolerance Testing, Equine Iridology, at 17 Chapel Lane, Wicken, Cambridgeshire, CB7 5XZ Tel: 01353 723157 Email: ehh@houghtonhealth.co.uk Website: ellen_collinson@yahoo.com

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